Unidentified Consciousness

So, UFOs exist. But how is it possible for beings to be able to do what they do? How can they fly in a manner that we currently have yet to fathom doing.

The answer is pretty simple. It’s knowledge. Or fundamentally, consciousness. They are conscious and aware of how to harness certain things, or forces rather, that we currently are not conscious of.

Reflect for a bit.

Throughout our lives we’ve been taught to focus on the material things, things that we can physically see. So, growing up that’s all that we knew and tended to focus on, which are the tangible things of life. I’m not just speaking of the secular materialistic things people strive to acquire such as money, nice cars, home, etc. I’m talking about everything and anything that we can see, touch, taste, and feel. Those are the things that we are taught to basically focus on.

But what about the things that we can’t see? If we can’t see anything in the so called “empty” spaces of the world, does that mean nothing exists there? You probably didn’t think about that one much right? Not much people do.

Back in high school philosophy you were probably asked questions like, “if you don’t see the Eiffel Tower for yourself, does that mean it doesn’t exist?”. That question can be asked for the “empty” spaces that we think are empty.

We can’t see the forces of gravity that pulls (or maybe even pushes) matter to earth, but it’s there. We can see the effects of it but not the actual force. Same goes for electricity, energy, radiation, consciousness…

I think we have studied too much of one side of the spectrum – matter. We haven’t been focusing enough on the things that we can’t see with our eyes. And that’s the unidentified “objects”. In order for us to achieve the capabilities of being able to fly in a “UFO” or do other “out of this world” things, we must raise our consciousness of the things that we can’t see…

I’ll leave you with this video to ponder on:

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