Ancient Knowledge Is Not So Ancient

One thing that we have gotten skewed in our conscious belief is that ancient people and civilizations were less conscious than us today. This belief couldn’t be so far off.

In fact, ancient wisdom, knowledge, even technology are said to be much more advanced than what we know today.

And if you delve into the subject, there are evidence that would make sense of it. For instance, from the ancients knowing how to accurately navigate the seas, to the building of massive monuments and megaliths such as the Great Pyramids Of Giza.

No one really knows how these megaliths were really built. If you still believe they were built with primitive tools and mere manpower, I suggest you think twice and open up your consciousness a bit more.

Have you ever wondered what happened to those civilizations? Why is that we can’t find people who know anything about the monuments? You would think that someone from the lineage who knows about the past would have an account of how those megaliths were built.

But, if you understand consciousness, vibration, and energy, you’ll understand that ancient knowledge is not so ancient. In actuality, ancient does not even exist because time does not really exist.

Raise your consciousness. Check back soon…

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