Unidentified Consciousness

So, UFOs exist. But how is it possible for beings to be able to do what they do? How can they fly in a manner that we currently have yet to fathom doing.

The answer is pretty simple. It’s knowledge. Or fundamentally, consciousness. They are conscious and aware of how to harness certain things, or forces rather, that we currently are not conscious of.

Reflect for a bit.

Throughout our lives we’ve been taught to focus on the material things, things that we can physically see. So, growing up that’s all that we knew and tended to focus on, which are the tangible things of life. I’m not just speaking of the secular materialistic things people strive to acquire such as money, nice cars, home, etc. I’m talking about everything and anything that we can see, touch, taste, and feel. Those are the things that we are taught to basically focus on.

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Welcome To Nevada UFO

There’s a lot of information out there than we have been taught in school, what’s exposed on the media, and what we haven’t been exposed to. From pure ignorance to information purposefully being withheld from us, there’s a lot to this reality than we know.

We will not be discussing UFO’s on here per se, but what UFO’s can symbolize. There’s an abundant amount of content on UFO conspiracies out there on the web. Here, at Nevada UFO, we would like to with gears from that and explore the world of alternative knowledge and consciousness.

We ask: If UFO’s are out there, how can we access the ability to do what UFO or “aliens” are able to do?

Come here to explore the depths of what we do not know so that maybe one day we can raise our consciousness to “fly higher” than we can today!