Who is Ed Leedskalnin?

Have you ever visited the Coral Castle in Homestead, Florida? It’s a huge structure that’s been sculpted over 1,100 tons of coral rock, and it was built without the use of heavy machinery. In fact, it was built singlehandedly, and that builder was Ed Leedskalnin.

So who is Ed Leedskalnin? He was born in Latvia in 1887. He was 26 years old when he was engaged to his one true love, Agnes Scuffs. Unfortunately, Agnes had a change of heart, and she canceled the wedding just a day before.

In his grief, he crossed the Atlantic, and he eventually ended up in Florida in 1918. He stayed in Florida City until 1936, when he then moved to Homestead which was 10 miles away.

Ed was a small man who was only 5 feet tall, and he only weighed about a hundred pounds. But he did come from a family of stone masons, and he also worked in limber camps.

Thus, he was able to build his Coral Palace. In fact, when he moved to Homestead he was able to move his carvings to his new home, though it took 4 years. He even erected coral walls that weighed 125 pounds per cubic foot. Each wall section is 8 feet tall, 4 feet wide, and 3 feet thick and they weighed at last 58 tons.

Ed was asked repeatedly about his method of moving his coral blocks. But he only answered that he was aware of the laws of leverage and weight even though he only had a 4th-grade education. In addition, he even built an AC current generator, and that’s still on display today.

“I was so fascinated with Ed and Coral Castle. I’ve studied and researched theories on how he built such an amazing feat by himself.” – Scott M., freshcoatpaintinghawaii.com

No one knows for sure how he built his coral castle, and his accomplishment continues to perplex scientists and engineers. His creation has that same air of mystery as the Egyptian pyramids and Stonehenge, and it’s certainly worth a visit.

Who Is Jiddu Krishnamurti?

“He inspired my way of looking at the world and it has led me to become more at peace with my life, family, friends, business… everything!” – Jim K. Owner Of Hawaii Plumbers

When people think about modern revolutionary philosophers and religious teachers, they often instantly think about famous men like Gandhi and Karl Marx. But those who delve deeper into the history of modern philosophy will encounter other names, and among them is Jiddu Krishnamurti.

So who is Jiddu Krishnamurti? He was a philosopher, and he traveled widely to speak about his beliefs regarding the need for mankind to change radically. He wrote about this topic extensively as well.

Early Life

He was born in a small town in south India, way back in 1895. Jiddu and his brother were adopted as children by Dr. Annie Besan, who was then the president of Theosophical Society. Dr. Besan and her associates believed that Jiddu was world teacher whose arrival they have been waiting for. They created an organization called the Order of the Star in the East that spanned all over the world, and the young Jiddu became its leader.  Read more “Who Is Jiddu Krishnamurti?”

Ancient Knowledge Is Not So Ancient

One thing that we have gotten skewed in our conscious belief is that ancient people and civilizations were less conscious than us today. This belief couldn’t be so far off.

In fact, ancient wisdom, knowledge, even technology are said to be much more advanced than what we know today.

And if you delve into the subject, there are evidence that would make sense of it. For instance, from the ancients knowing how to accurately navigate the seas, to the building of massive monuments and megaliths such as the Great Pyramids Of Giza.

No one really knows how these megaliths were really built. If you still believe they were built with primitive tools and mere manpower, I suggest you think twice and open up your consciousness a bit more. Read more “Ancient Knowledge Is Not So Ancient”

The Forces That You Can’t See

In the video posted on the previous post, it touched on the the forces that we can’t see. One of those forces is consciousness.

Sill don’t think consciousness is a force?

Well, think about this: in order for you to walk, you have to be conscious of how to walk in the first place correct? That consciousness of knowing how to walk enables you to walk.

In the past, no one new that we would be able to fly in airplanes until someone consciously created the airplane. No one could fathom a motor propelled car until it was created by someone who was conscious of how to create it.

You have to understand that consciousness is a power that we don’t give enough credit to, and it is the ultimate “force”. Read more “The Forces That You Can’t See”

Unidentified Consciousness

So, UFOs exist. But how is it possible for beings to be able to do what they do? How can they fly in a manner that we currently have yet to fathom doing.

The answer is pretty simple. It’s knowledge. Or fundamentally, consciousness. They are conscious and aware of how to harness certain things, or forces rather, that we currently are not conscious of.

Reflect for a bit.

Throughout our lives we’ve been taught to focus on the material things, things that we can physically see. So, growing up that’s all that we knew and tended to focus on, which are the tangible things of life. I’m not just speaking of the secular materialistic things people strive to acquire such as money, nice cars, home, etc. I’m talking about everything and anything that we can see, touch, taste, and feel. Those are the things that we are taught to basically focus on.

But what about Read more “Unidentified Consciousness”

Welcome To Nevada UFO

There’s a lot of information out there than we have been taught in school, what’s exposed on the media, and what we haven’t been exposed to. From pure ignorance to information purposefully being withheld from us, there’s a lot to this reality than we know.

We will not be discussing UFO’s on here per se, but what UFO’s can symbolize. There’s an abundant amount of content on UFO conspiracies out there on the web. Here, at Nevada UFO, we would like to with gears from that and explore the world of alternative knowledge and consciousness.

We ask: If UFO’s are out there, how can we access the ability to do what UFO or “aliens” are able to do?

Come here to explore the depths of what we do not know so that maybe one day we can raise our consciousness to “fly higher” than we can today!